Monday, August 10, 2009

A visit to the dentist x 3

Well, I decided to take all three boys to the dentist at the same time. This actually worked out quite well and I didn't do too much running around. Luckily, the dentist they see has an incredible office that can accommodate multiple appointments at the same time.

Hunter is a pro at this so he did great. He has one cavity, but I don't consider that all that bad considering he is almost 10. Opted for a silver filling since its going into a baby tooth and I gave him the option of having the filling done and the sealants at the same time or to have it done in two trips. He opted for all an once... that's my boy... I would have chosen the same thing.

He gets Nitrous Oxide too just because its his first numbing experience, but he's had that before when he had his stitches so he should be ok.

The twins did great. This was their first x-rays and they both were perfect. Will decided he wanted to be the talker while Nate was a bit more sedate. No cavities, but a "watch" for Nate.


Desire Fourie said...

Mmm ... dentist visits are usually very stressful, but it seems like the boys took in their stride. Great photos of the event ... seeing a scrap layout coming up.

Edward said...

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