Tuesday, September 30, 2008

San Diego - Lego Land

While Kevin, myself, the twins, Uncle Miles, and Emylee were at Sea World, my sister, Hunter, my brother, and Bryson all went to Lego Land. From the pictures it looks like it will definitely be on our list next time around.

This lady and her stroller were out in the parking lot. How amazing is that? The Lego Lady!

Here is Mira and Bryson

Another favorite of the boys - Starwars!

Mt. Rushmore

Just a little snooze...

Thanks! Have a great day.

San Diego - Sea World

So here are some Sea World pictures. We had a good time here and I think the little boys enjoyed it too. Emylee and Uncle Miles came with us and the older boys and my brother went to Lego Land with my sister. We were also lucky enough to be able to meet up with my friend Brenda and her family there too.

I had been to Sea World in Florida, but it has again been literally decades. Here is Shamu or aka Shampoo by the boys.

Here's Will

The Flamingos - ewww, they were stinky!

This is Nate chasing after the poor birds.

This is the Penguin exhibit... It was kind of neat because you stood on a conveyer belt and slowly moved down the display. We need to rent Happy Feet for the boys.

This guy was standing at the very front on a little pedastol of sorts. He (?) was absolutely preening.

And of course the Dolphins. Will and I missed the beginning because... he had to go potty.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

San Diego - post wedding

These pictures were taken after the wedding and all the wedding shots were taken afterwards. This picture is of my Mom and her brother (Uncle Miles)

Here is a picture of all 5 of us kids. Robert and I are biological siblings, but my parents adopted all of us at different times.

Here's a picture of Bryson - my nephew.

Here we are at the reception. That is Nate on the dance floor. Both boys enjoyed that wide open space.

Robert and Jiyoun during the 1st dance.

Here's Kevin and Rob

Cake slicing.

Here's Emylee dancing with Hunter. She is just the greatest niece ever. She has been visiting us every summer for a week and I'll be so sad when she grows out of/ can't fit it into her busy life.

A picture of Mom and Rob

We have so many pictures so I tried to get a nice mix. I'll have more tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

San Diego - Pre Wedding Pictures

Here are some more pictures of before the wedding. I was with the girls, so no pictures of the guys getting ready.

Here is a picture of my new sister-in-law (SIL). Her name is Jiyoun. Isn't her hair beautiful - shhh... she's got two extension in there. We all went and got our hair done and my neice Emylee had an extension put in her hair too. I had never seen ones used in real life and they were pretty cool.
Here is a picture of me, my little sister Eden, my older Sister Mira, and her daughter Emylee.

Here is Jiyoun and her sister.

Here are my sister and both her kids. What a beautiful family. FIY, her husband and their Dad wasn't able to make it to the wedding (we were sad), but just in case you were wondering where he was.
Here is Hunter and Bryson - don't they look handsome?

Here is a picture of the guys chatting it up. Kevin is at the top, Robert is on the left, and Rob's best man, Mark is in the front.

Here is a picture of my younger brother Miles (we call him Buck) with Hunter.

And finally, here is a picture of where I was with the twins during the wedding. Good thing they hired a videoagrapher.

That's it for now. More to come....

Friday, September 26, 2008

San Diego - Rehearsal

Oh my, I was just looking at the blog and realized I hadn't posted in forever... Anyhow, here are some more pictures of the rehearsal.

Nate just walking down the aisle. Both boys had too much fun going back and forth, back and forth.

And Will couldn't get enough of the pencils that were in the pews. I had to chase him around the whole church putting all the pencils back. His goal was to write "notes" to all the parishioners.

Another picture of Will trying to travers the pews.
And playing in the curtains.

And Nate playing in the curtains too.

Here is everyone practicing. Robert (my brother) is in the blue and white striped polo.

And this is what we all wanted to do by the end of the evening... but as adults its just not allowed huh? This picture is of Will and those fabulous legs are my Mom's.

And this guy is Nate.

Here is a picture of me and Rob at this great Sushi Buffet restaurant after the rehearsal.

Well that's it for now. I will have lots more pictures to share.

San Diego - the plane ride

I don't do a lot of chatting on the family blog, but I'll give you some background. My brother just got married last Saturday and we (the five of us) flew down to San Diego last Thursday (18th) and just came back last night (25th). We had a great time, but this was the first airplane ride for the twins. According to Will, we rode on a helicopter plane. I've tried to explain that they are two distinct things, but nope, to Will all flying objects in the sky are "helicopter planes".

So I will start from the beginning and just add pictures as we go along. Here are the boys at the airport - thankfully, we were able to fly straight out of Bellingham and directly to San Diego. It would have been such a pain to have to go down to Seattle and fly from there. I do have to interject here that the whole security rigmarole with children is a pain in the you know what. I understand, but I feel that I still have the right to say that it is VERY annoying - the taking off of their shoes, the fact that Nate couldn't hold onto his bears when walking through the metal detector, etc.

The boys are very into writing "notes". Nate is on the left and Will is on the right.

Here is Kevin and Hunter drooling over the new PSP that they got for the trip.

They did a bit of snoozing (but not on the way home)
I could take picture after picture of the boys sleeping together. It is one of my favorite scenes (for more than one reason too - wink, wink). Here they are sleeping in the same twin bed at the condo. They did very well and surprisingly wanted to sleep in the same direction. Remember, they usually sleep with their feet tangled up (whihc they did last night) They did well, the first night Nate did fall off and one night Will fell off, but that was it.