Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More wild animals

Kevin had BBQ some ribs and left the package out and before we could retrieve it we had guests...

Aren't they cute? The boys are still talking about the "Raccoons taking Dad's meat".
And here is a picture of me and the twins.
And here is a picture of Will

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our first night at Whistler

Just had to share our picture from last night. As we were entering the condo, by way of the door we had just exited this is what we saw ( although the picture was taken after the bear was headed toward the lobby)

Friday, August 22, 2008

I can dress myself

Haha - Hardly!!! Its such a funny thing to see the boys try to dress themselves when the get the inkling to do so which is few and far between. My friend Brenda's little girl who is just a tad younger than the boys has been dressing herself for a while as well as picking out her own "outfits". So here is a picture of Nate the 2nd time around trying to put his shorts on. Mind you they are shorts, not long pants and this was the 2nd time around since I had already taken them off and had him do it again. I'm sure he'll love these pictures when he's older.

Off he goes... At least he realizes he has to steady himself. There have been times that he's tried and then immediately fell over. By the way, this is all Nate.

Good progress your thinking. He's got both legs in.

He's looking a little worried/frustrated.
You didn't know a cute pair of shorts could also be a very cute boy skirt huh? He was kind enough to turn around for me.
Now is the I'm a little worried/frustrated look.
Hopefully, I will get some pictures of Whistler to post while we are gone next week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fair

Well, we made it to the fair this year. To be honest, the only reason we go is because of Hunter. The little ones are only 2 1/2 and Hunter is only 8 1/2 - how many more years is that??? So here are some pictures - remember we left the Nate and Will home.

Not the most attractive picture but what the hey :)

Kevin and Hunter on the bumper cars - note, please don't ride this if you have a weak back!

Hunter really liked this ride. He got a ride out of each of us.
Hunter wanted to sit right in front.
I just didn't find any of this immensely fun. If I had a stronger stomach then I could have gone all day!
Kevin went in the Spinner with Hunter, but he refused to go back in because he said it was incredibly hot in there. Hunter did go in later by himself.
I thought this ride would be better for my stomach - it was a little...
We had to have at least one grumpy face...

The Ring of Fire...
Well, we did go on a few other rides, but you get the gist. One year and counting for the next one.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Voices and their Favorite Phrases

I don't have any photos for today, but I just have to get these down. All children have their little phrases and they are just too cute, but I want to make sure that I remember them for the future.

Will has been saying:

"Oh Yeah Baby" - now remember that he doesn't seem to be able to say the "y" sound and exchanges it with the "l" sound. So it actually sounds like he is saying "Hola Baby"

"Dynaco is all mine" - from the movie Cars (have to check spelling) He says this while he is riding his trike outside.

"It too big" - This is in reference to his "private property" All I can say is "boys!!!"

"Big one coming" Another reference to potty time

"I too scared" He says this and ends with fill in the blank. For example "I too scared" to go to his room, "I too scared" to eat dinner, "I too scared" to put on his pants

"I don't know" Now this is funny because he started saying this and then answering the question. I might ask him who a certain person is and he would say "I don't know" - Emylee or again fill in the blank.

Nate: Coming up with blanks here, but I will add to it. He is quieter though.

"Motorcycle Bike" that is what he calls his tricycle.

I need to think back to what Hunter used to say when he was a baby. He was always coming up with these big words though when he was little. It always was a bit weird hearing a small child using such big vocabulary.

Friday, August 8, 2008

50/50 Ain't so bad! Kevin and Hunter camping

Wow, its been a while since I've posted - apologies to those who check. Good news for sure! I think I can say that Will is officially 100% potty trained, minus any bumps we might have down the road. For the past week he has not had any huge accidents. He stays dry during naps and evenings. I've got him in "real" underpants during the day and have still been putting him in "nighttime" underwear at night due to the fact that I'm lazy and don't want to deal with any accidents if they do happen to occur.

On the other hand, Nate has tottally regressed and is doing his business willy nilly in the pull-ups with a handful of visits to the bathroom here and there. I don't think he'll be far behind though. I truly believe that he is simply trying to separate hiimself somewaht. Now don't quote me since I'm not specialist, but that is the way it appears.

My neice Emylee has been visiitng us this past week too. She is such a doll and of course is in love with the boys and they in turn with her.

I picked her up last weekend down at Mom's. I took the boys down with me and got a chance to visit with my friend Brenda as well. Can you believe not one picture was taken the entire time there. So sad. But truly, I will blame it all on Kevin. I met him down at work and he was late and then we all rushed off. He was supposed to hand me a smaller camera since he was taking mine on his camping trip with Hunter.

Here are a couple of pictures of their weekend trip. They had a great time and it was good that they got to go off and "bonding" time.