Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of 5th Grade

So... Hunter is such a big boy now and he's been walking to school on his own or with friends since last year.  The anticipation of the first day is always exciting but it was really old hat for us and the big kid.  I felt like I should be more excited but in all honesty all I could think about is... NEXT YEAR.

I'm already getting butterflies for next year which is going to be a very big year for all of us!  Hunter will be going off to middle school, but not really since the middle school burned and they are rebuilding.  So in all actuality he is going to be bused to another elementary school located across town as a 6th grader... I know, sounds weird.  So not only will he have to deal with being a 6th grader in a non middle school environment, he still has to deal with being in a different school, different teachers, and a whole new group of kids too.

Then the twins will be heading into kindergarten and I will be all alone.  I know, sounds so sad...  I will love the extra time, but it will definitely be different in the beginning.

So, I do have  a couple of pictures to share with you.  Love his bouffant hair?  I asked if he wanted a hair cut and he did say no :)

And of course it was a traditional drizzly day for the first day of school!

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