Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun 2008

Here we go friends :) Halloween was a lot of fun - luckily for us, the weather turned for the better. I was really afraid that we would get very wet, but thankfully we didn't. So without further ado, here you go.

Here are Will (left) and Nate (right). Nate is starting to give me the "I see the camera smile". I thought they made the cutest little pirates and they did super keeping their pirate "hats" on.

Here is Hunter joining his little helper pirates. He wanted a "dirtier" pirate costume. I did have eye patches for them all, but those didn't stay on.

Here's Nate with his loot and there is his "I'm supposed to smile" smile.

And here is Hunter working on his Pumpkin. This year he was all about removing the pumpkin guts. In year's past, he was more than a little hesitant to get his hands in there.

And here are our pumpkins. These designs are straight from the pumpkin carving books out there. I did all the cutting on the skull and crossbones and did about 1/2 of the tombstone. Kevin did the 1st part. Pumpkin carving is a sure fire way to give yourself carpel tunnel.

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