Thursday, October 23, 2008

Days seem to last Forever, but Years seem to go by in a Blink

I was doing my daycare duties the other day and there was this lovely lady named Norma in the nursery room that I was working in and she said something that was truly poignant. I don't think these were her exact words, but it was very close to it.

Days seem to last forever, but years seem to go by in a blink of an eye.

This statement is so true. Just the other day, I was anxdiously awaiting the arrival of Kevin so I could literally leave the house and be by myself. It was just one of those long days. It was early release and Will was having potty training problems of the very wet kind - like multiple times.

So, I thought I would just share these 2 pictures with you. I can't believe that Hunter is closing on 9 and Nate and Will are so close to being 3.

This is Hunter - not exactly sure what age he is in this picture, but still very much a baby.

And here are Nate and Will

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Em's Places said...

Amen sister... I can't believe my baby is 5... Your kids are beautiful!