Friday, August 22, 2008

I can dress myself

Haha - Hardly!!! Its such a funny thing to see the boys try to dress themselves when the get the inkling to do so which is few and far between. My friend Brenda's little girl who is just a tad younger than the boys has been dressing herself for a while as well as picking out her own "outfits". So here is a picture of Nate the 2nd time around trying to put his shorts on. Mind you they are shorts, not long pants and this was the 2nd time around since I had already taken them off and had him do it again. I'm sure he'll love these pictures when he's older.

Off he goes... At least he realizes he has to steady himself. There have been times that he's tried and then immediately fell over. By the way, this is all Nate.

Good progress your thinking. He's got both legs in.

He's looking a little worried/frustrated.
You didn't know a cute pair of shorts could also be a very cute boy skirt huh? He was kind enough to turn around for me.
Now is the I'm a little worried/frustrated look.
Hopefully, I will get some pictures of Whistler to post while we are gone next week.

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