Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fair

Well, we made it to the fair this year. To be honest, the only reason we go is because of Hunter. The little ones are only 2 1/2 and Hunter is only 8 1/2 - how many more years is that??? So here are some pictures - remember we left the Nate and Will home.

Not the most attractive picture but what the hey :)

Kevin and Hunter on the bumper cars - note, please don't ride this if you have a weak back!

Hunter really liked this ride. He got a ride out of each of us.
Hunter wanted to sit right in front.
I just didn't find any of this immensely fun. If I had a stronger stomach then I could have gone all day!
Kevin went in the Spinner with Hunter, but he refused to go back in because he said it was incredibly hot in there. Hunter did go in later by himself.
I thought this ride would be better for my stomach - it was a little...
We had to have at least one grumpy face...

The Ring of Fire...
Well, we did go on a few other rides, but you get the gist. One year and counting for the next one.

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kenneth said...

Love these pictures, reminds me so of Kevin and taking he and Kris to Magic Mountain. They both LOVED all the rides...........
love you, mom