Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Voices and their Favorite Phrases

I don't have any photos for today, but I just have to get these down. All children have their little phrases and they are just too cute, but I want to make sure that I remember them for the future.

Will has been saying:

"Oh Yeah Baby" - now remember that he doesn't seem to be able to say the "y" sound and exchanges it with the "l" sound. So it actually sounds like he is saying "Hola Baby"

"Dynaco is all mine" - from the movie Cars (have to check spelling) He says this while he is riding his trike outside.

"It too big" - This is in reference to his "private property" All I can say is "boys!!!"

"Big one coming" Another reference to potty time

"I too scared" He says this and ends with fill in the blank. For example "I too scared" to go to his room, "I too scared" to eat dinner, "I too scared" to put on his pants

"I don't know" Now this is funny because he started saying this and then answering the question. I might ask him who a certain person is and he would say "I don't know" - Emylee or again fill in the blank.

Nate: Coming up with blanks here, but I will add to it. He is quieter though.

"Motorcycle Bike" that is what he calls his tricycle.

I need to think back to what Hunter used to say when he was a baby. He was always coming up with these big words though when he was little. It always was a bit weird hearing a small child using such big vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

I love how little kids talk, I just got down Olivia saying "little nana's" little banannas from the runts she was eating and she calls my dad "pom-pom" I love what they say! we should write them down more often!

Em's Place said...

I love it when they call things by the wrong name or whatever... great stage.