Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boys, Dirt, and more Dirt

Finally, we got another beautiful day day! I had a party to go to and on my way, I couldn't believe the throngs (literally) of people that were out and enjoying the day. Honestly, there is nothing as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest when the sun is shining.

Nate and Will couldn't get enough of being outside. I think they could live in the dirt. Ironically though, even though they love the dirt, they are also fearful of small bugs and worms. The older boys, Hunter and his friend, had dug a fairly large hole in the back yard and everytime a worm came into view, Nate would run over to us and cried "snake, snake, snake bite me". Of course the "snake" never came close to him and when we tried to get him to touch the worm he wouldn't.

Here are a few pictures of the boys from yesterday. Here is Nate pointing at the "snake".

These are Will's bare feet.

The other thing the boys like to do is climb - of course. Here is Nate peeking out at Kevin who was mowing along the house.

Then, when I went to find Hunter, he was sneaking in a couple of crafty minutes :)
It looks like its going to be another gorgeous day here!

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