Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visiting over Mother's Day Weekend

We went down to my Mother's for Mother's Day and had a good time. Our gift to her was my hubby's labor which is always a good thing for Mom. Her deck railing needed some tending. For some reason, the individual that put the deck railing up left the space in between the slats much too wide and since her decking is about 15 feet above the ground, it was not a safe place for the boys to be. Plus, with the acquisition of Daisy, it made sense to fix it. So by the end of the weekend, Mom had a safer railing and a new gate at one side of her decking.

But, and there is always a but, the boys (as most children) never keep the same sleeping habits when traveling or visiting. That is our experience in general and it was the case at Mom's. It makes for a somewhat stressful visit when dealing with upset schedules.

On another upside though, my little sister was able to pick up one of my younger brothers on her way down and they were both able to stay the night, so we got a chance to visit with them which was nice.

Here is a picture of my sister and Hunter
And here is a picture of Eden and me. Why does my head look so much bigger than hers??? The question of the century I'm sure.
Well, that's it for now. I guess this is the kind of post you get when its 3:16am. Lesson learned - do not go to bed too early because when one's children wake you up its impossible to get back to sleep.


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In Em's Closet ~ The Closet Crafter said...

yay. i am so glad you are doing a family blog. I love mine. it's cathartic.
Hugs... great family BTW... you guys are all too cute.