Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween from the past Part 2

Here we go friends... This was the sequence of events for trying to get a nice picture.

This is Will

This is Nate

Last year's costumes :)


Em's Places said...

I wish I had enough nerve to dress up too!
You look great.

Dana (*danavee*) said...

LOL! Your kids are TOO CUTE! My daughter just turned 2, and took one look at the pictures and started yelling "INOSAUR! INOSAUR! RAWR! INOSAUR!"

So much for naptime :-)

SommerNyte said...

I just learned of your passing, Katie. I know you wouldn't remember me, but you passed those dinosaur costumes on to me when my twin boys were 2. They wore them, and we passed the dinosaurs on to another twin mom. They have been well loved. My heart goes out to your family.