Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nate and Will's 1st Halloween - blast from the past

So, I (thanks to Kevin) have finally figured out how to get pictures from Smugmug (photo holding/sharing website) onto my blog and am enjoying sharing older photos of the family. I don't like to double post so I put some on my craft blog and didn't want to repeat them here, but since Halloween is right around the corner and I need some incentive to get going on this year's costumes I thought I would share some photos of the twins' first Halloween. Argghh... I'm being such a procrastinator too.

Its so nice when they are little because I get to choose what to make and what they wear, although Hunter has always been easy so I guess I'm just making a statement. Anyway, 2 years ago was Nate and Will's 1st Halloween and I decided they would be very cute as mice and I was right on! Hunter was also very cute as Robin Hood for I think the 4th year.

Its so sad... I don't know who is who... I am pretty sure that Will is on the right.

And since we are talking 1st's, here is a picture of Hunter on his 1st Halloween as a Lion. This costume was a lot of fun to make.

He was only 10 months old so he wasn't eating candy, but he did need some token pieces in his basket.



My Paper Adventures said...

OMG!!! How PRECIOUS!!! I didn't know you had twins! Your children are ADORABLE!!

Em's Place said...

They could NOT be any cuter. I need to find Christopher's. He was only a week old his first halloween. So I dressed him in the costume my sister bought him sometime around 2 months old... hahaha

Anywhoooooooooooo thanks, it made me smile.