Thursday, October 2, 2008

San Diego - The Zoo

So here are some zoo pictures. It was a great zoo and we had a lot of fun. I also want to say that these photos were taken by Kevin (hubby) who is a fabulous photographer.

I love this photo of myself and no I wasn't one of the zoo attractions. I want to use this one for my avatars, I just have to figure out how to get switched over.

Ok, I guess I'm being a bit full of myself since this anotehr picutre of me (haha). Its also with Nate. We took a ride on one of thsoe double stacker buses and got a neat overview of the entire zoo. It was hot though.

I'm not goign to show you all the animals since I'm sure most of you have been to a zoo or 2 at least, but I don want to share a few of the best pictures. San Diego Zoo is known for their Panda exhibit and these pandas were the cutest ever.

And is this not the cutest ever, ever???

And I just like the look of this one.

And the polar bear. I love the underwater shots.

And I love this shot (minus the bone, but the bear's gotta eat!)

And here is my last picture of the tram. Hope you enjoyed them. The tram was fun to ride, but still gave me the shakes, being so high up. That 's Mira, Emylee, Bryson and Nate (I think).


Desire Fourie said...

You are actually spot on, your hubby takes beautiful pictures and the first one of you is just gorgeous. Ag man, those pandas are just too cute ... one just want to reach out and touch them. If I am not mistaken, those buck are Springbok, which is native to my country South Africa. And of course I feel so sorry for the polar bears as the prediction is that there will be no snow at the poles during summer within 5 years and they are definitely endangered. Lets hope they will evolve and adapt to swimming quite soon ... probably not within our lifetime. Warm regards.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I'm glad you had so much fun there.