Monday, October 6, 2008

A little story

Not much is really going on here. I have a cute little story about Will though. Kevin is in Seattle for a couple of nights and the boys had been put to bed last night. I was downstairs and I heard one of the boys get up. I figured it was Will and sure enough it was. He met me at the back door and needed to go potty. No problem, he went and then right back to bed. I went back downstairs and a couple of hours later, I heard one of them up again. Again, I figured it was Will and yup, right again. This time though he was looking for both his brothers. Now don't forget that Nate was sleeping at the end of the bed and Hunter was in his room, but Will kept saying that he wanted Hunter for some reason. Well, I got him back to his own room, but he was insistent that he sleep right next to Nate, not their usual one at one end and the other at the other. It was cute, but that is my Will... He is my more needy one.

I'll try to get some sort of picture up at some point today. Maybe one of our dreary weather.

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