Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Good, the bad and the ugly plus tid bits

Ok, there isn't a lot of ugly, but there are some hints of bad here and there. Here is a picture of the boys sitting on the "naughty couch" since this the place we send them. They weren't really being too bad, just not listening. When I took the picture we were at the end and they were hamming it up a bit. Nate was trying to give me a sad face.This is a look we see on Will's face (he's on the right) quite often. He tends to wrinkle up his face with all types of expressions. Its funny because this is so Will, Nate never does it.

Now here is a good. This is a picture of Nate making me coffee. They have refound their Starbuck's barista aprons and having been going around the last couple of days making coffee. This morning, Nate actually brought down my almost finished latte cup telling me he had made me coffee.
And my last story that just made me feel good just happened earlier this afternoon. I had waited and waited to get on the treadmill while the boys were napping and I finally got my rear in gear and got on. I only had 3 minutes left when I saw Will peek his head out the back door. He just stood there and waved at me (I'm in the garage). Then I yelled(not angrily just loudly - sounds bad) at him to go inside and watch some cartoons and I would be right there. So he waves one more time turns around and off he goes. Then right after that, Nate comes out and waves and smiles at me. Then Hunter comes out and wants me to know that the boys are awake. I tell those two that I'm almost done and I'll right in. Off they go without a fuss. How nice was that? It was tremendous.

One other story for you. The other night, Will wakes up and says that he is scared of dinosaurs. Who knows where that came from. Kevin told him that dinosaurs are all gone and he didn't have to worry. So then he went around for several days asking us "dinosaurs all gone?"

And one more update. The boys are still working through the potty training thing. Will is proceeding ahead and doing great. He generally doesn't have any accidents and I've got him back in underwear and he always tells us when he wants to go. Nate on the other hand has regressed. In fact, I've got him back in diapers for right now because he was using the pull ups like they were diapers. He will still ask to go occasionally, but doesn't really have the initiative at the moment. Que sera sera.

Okie dokie that is all for now, unless I think of more....

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