Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life goes on...

Well, most of you regular readers know what has been going on during this past weekend so I thought I would add a picture for you. Mind you, the picture looks much worse than in real life. Hunter's arm is all wrinkly looking becasuse of the bandage they put around it. Now, we just have a large bandaid - less butch looking but better :)

So here's the recap: Jordan (Hunter's 14 year old cousin) apparently grabbed a couple of balloons that Hunter said were his, ran down to our basement and locked the door. So picture 14 year old on one side of locked door looking at 8 year old boy and 8 year old boy staring at 14 year old boy. Also take into consideration that 8 year old boy has a quick temper then picture 8 year old boy banging on door with fisted arm.... The end result is a broken window, a 4 1/2 hour visit to the ER, and 5 stitches.

On another front, I am just kicking myself because I had every intention of taking my camera yesterday to the dentist's, but I forgot of course. Yesterday was actually the 2nd visit to the dentist for Nate and Will. The first visit was just an introduction to the office, the Dr., etc.

Yesterday's visit was a "real" one. I take the kids to a pediatric dentist in town who is awesome. The office has a huge play area and all the chairs are scaled down to kid size. Nate was an angel. When it was time to go back, he followed the hygienist, got right on the chair, went for his little ride in the chair, got himself all reclined, put his sunglasses on and went to town. He was so cute and calm as a cucumber. I just looked from afar while I was dealing with Will.

Will on the other hand just didn't want to get into the chair at all. No persuasion of any kind helped. We will wait for the next time.


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ahhh man that's no fun at all. fun for you NOT!