Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potty Talk

For good reason, I don't have any pictures to share that relate to today's title. But, I was sitting in the bathroom conversing with Will while he was sitting on the toilet doing his business and realized that once again, potty talk is what its all about. Will is quite chatty (in 2-5 word sentences) while he's sitting there describing to me how he's feeling, what's coming next, will he fall in, and finally "all done." Then we stand up, say "good-bye" and flush the toilet.

I enjoy these times and think how in other circumstances "potty talk" is just not appropriate but realize that in my world talk of the potty and all the subtopics related to it, are quite the norm and are filled with humor, excitement, and wonder.

Just things to ponder I guess. I am grateful that Will is the only one that is truly interested in it at this time and I will wait for Nate to join us when he is ready.

I got my memory card reader and card - thank you my wonderful sister - so I might throw in a cute and appropriate picture at some point :)


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Steph :o) said...

That reminds me of when Jay was little! I have a picture of him on his potty seat, and he's wearing yellow rain boots. HA! What a scream! Go, Will! :o)