Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some time at the Park

One of the best aspects of living where we do is the fact that we are surrounded by parks. Today, we chose to go to the one that is at the end of our street. Its usually very quiet and that was the case today. Here are some pictures of the boys.

This is Nate
Here's Hunter looking a little squished in the tube slide.
Here's Will
Here's Will having a jolly good time putting rocks into the play structure. This actually occupied him for quite a while. At one point, a little boy joined him. Very fascinating, I'm sure.
This is Hunter and ? either Nate or Will (haha). Its amazing how versatile rocks can be.

And last one. This is Nate saying that he was a cat. The picture doesn't quite capture it all, but he was meowing and scratching at the log. Don't know where he gets that one.

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