Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Leisurely Morning and don't leave the plums out!

When it was just Kevin and myself we would often go out for afternoon drives just for fun. Even with Hunter we would just cruise and look at areas we didn't visit regularly or whatever... Obviously with today's gas prices we don't just drive for the sake of driving, but we sort of did this morning. We headed south and visited an area that has a lot of houses for sale. We aren't looking to buy, but it is fun to look at prices and new houses.

While we were there we saw LOTS of deer. Here is one that Kevin was especially impressed with. I won't go into details as to what was going through his head! They are all very tame and this one was right at the side of the road.

Now the next part of our day has to do with plums. We went to Costco yesterday and bought a package of plums. Needless to say, the boys love them. Last night, we caught Will poking his finger into the plums from the outside of the container saying "ooohhh nummm". Not too much damage until today.

Kevin came in and there was the container of plums on the floor and this what I took out of the container.

Please don't ask where I was, because I don't know. Now we have to hurry and eat the rest of them. :)

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