Monday, September 29, 2008

San Diego - post wedding

These pictures were taken after the wedding and all the wedding shots were taken afterwards. This picture is of my Mom and her brother (Uncle Miles)

Here is a picture of all 5 of us kids. Robert and I are biological siblings, but my parents adopted all of us at different times.

Here's a picture of Bryson - my nephew.

Here we are at the reception. That is Nate on the dance floor. Both boys enjoyed that wide open space.

Robert and Jiyoun during the 1st dance.

Here's Kevin and Rob

Cake slicing.

Here's Emylee dancing with Hunter. She is just the greatest niece ever. She has been visiting us every summer for a week and I'll be so sad when she grows out of/ can't fit it into her busy life.

A picture of Mom and Rob

We have so many pictures so I tried to get a nice mix. I'll have more tomorrow :)

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Em's Place said...

You really have such a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!
Thanks for sharing it!
Hugs & blessings.