Friday, September 26, 2008

San Diego - the plane ride

I don't do a lot of chatting on the family blog, but I'll give you some background. My brother just got married last Saturday and we (the five of us) flew down to San Diego last Thursday (18th) and just came back last night (25th). We had a great time, but this was the first airplane ride for the twins. According to Will, we rode on a helicopter plane. I've tried to explain that they are two distinct things, but nope, to Will all flying objects in the sky are "helicopter planes".

So I will start from the beginning and just add pictures as we go along. Here are the boys at the airport - thankfully, we were able to fly straight out of Bellingham and directly to San Diego. It would have been such a pain to have to go down to Seattle and fly from there. I do have to interject here that the whole security rigmarole with children is a pain in the you know what. I understand, but I feel that I still have the right to say that it is VERY annoying - the taking off of their shoes, the fact that Nate couldn't hold onto his bears when walking through the metal detector, etc.

The boys are very into writing "notes". Nate is on the left and Will is on the right.

Here is Kevin and Hunter drooling over the new PSP that they got for the trip.

They did a bit of snoozing (but not on the way home)
I could take picture after picture of the boys sleeping together. It is one of my favorite scenes (for more than one reason too - wink, wink). Here they are sleeping in the same twin bed at the condo. They did very well and surprisingly wanted to sleep in the same direction. Remember, they usually sleep with their feet tangled up (whihc they did last night) They did well, the first night Nate did fall off and one night Will fell off, but that was it.

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Em's Place said...

omg - i love the sleeping pics too.
sounds like a great trip!