Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today is another day of rain. It rained ALL day and last night - yuck! So I am going to do a little whining today. Here is a picture of the rain - I guess its just drizzle right now.
Then another night sharing the bed with the boys. I gotta get one of those door knob dealy bobs so they have to stay in their room. Nate always comes to my side and Will always goes to Kevin's side and then they both end up in the middle. Here is a picture of Will - just imagine one more kid next to him.
Then, I want to know why I can't ever keep up on the laundry and why boys/men always take their socks off inside out. I don't take any of my clothes off inside out. Its so gross having to put those socks right side out again. And for some reason, Hunter takes off his pants the same way every time. Its kind of funny how he has already gotten into a pattern. He leaves one pant leg inside out and one leg right side out every single time!!!

Alrighty, enough whining for now.

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Steph :o) said...

I know. It's depressing. Run over to my blog for pictures of some flowers. It kinda lifts my spirits a little. ;o)