Thursday, June 19, 2008

Both boys in the pool at the same time...

So today is the 4th day of swimming lessons. I went to my Copics Certification class yesterday and Kevin stayed home with the boys and took them. He sent me a text message yesterday saying that the boys "jumped" into the pool. Whaaaat! I thought it was great, but neither one of them did that for me. So, today came and I was excited to see what they would do. I'm sure you can guess... not for Mommy.... Will got in the water just fine, but not Nate. And of course, Nate was the one that I tried first so I ended up having to put him back and Will then went in no problem. I walked around a bit with him and then for whatever reason after we visited Hunter in the water, he was fine and went in no problem.

I think I have a sign on my forehead that says "Yes, please fuss for me - I love it!!" Will is on the right and Nate is on the left.
And here is a picture of Nate today drinking the pool water. He seemed obsessed with it today.
Tootles for now :)

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Davis Family Blogs said...

Don't worry girl. I have that sign too. hahaha