Friday, June 27, 2008

Last day of swimming and miscellaneous updates

Life is progressing along just fine with our nephew Jordan here. He has been a great help with taking the kids to swimming. I make him get up every morning and as long as he gets his donut(s) then he is happy as a clam. He and Hunter seem to get along for the most part until they pester each other to a boiling point. That can get really annoying.
Here's something else I've noticed the last week or so. Nate is obsessed with blue shirts. Every day he ask me to put on a blue shirt. We walk to his closet and I let him pick out the shirt - often times there is no blue shirt, but he seems ok as long as he's picking what he wants.
And finally, Will is doing something interesting. He has gotten into saying "I scared" or "____ scares me". I don't know where that is coming from either. He'll even say that he's too scared to go to his room by himself. Just shaking my head here.
Phewww... we made it through two weeks of lessons. Hunter was a shoe in - no problems there and the twins did very well. I had to cajole them throughout the process but once they were in the water they did awesome. I'm excited because we are headed to my sister's house and they have a pool where all the boys can practice and be free in the water. We are taking a break for the rest of the summer and then they will do 1 week of lessons at the end.

Fridays are always fun days at the pool where the kids get to go down blow up slides and jump off the diving board if they want to. I wish I had had Kevin's camera because it takes super fast pictures, but mine will have to do.

Here is Hunter going down to slide:

And heading off the diving board. I missed him actually going into the water.
Here is Will going down the little slide
And a picture of Nate sliding down.
Here is Nate on the diving board.
And finally, here is a picture of Nate and Will sitting together at the edge of the pool. I can't get enough of seeing them side by side like that.

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