Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some time with Mom for her birthday

Today was Mom's birthday and we went down to visit - it was a surprise. My younger sister also came down from Seattle and picked up one of my brothers as well. We had a good time while visiting and Kevin made a lovely shrimp fettuccine dinner for all of us. Here are some pictures of our day.

Here's a picture of Mom helping Nate slide down the staircase. By the end of our time, the boys were sliding down no problem.
Me, Will, my brother Miles and Kevin (doing the cooking of course)

Will spent quite a bit of time playing "blocks" with the cans of dog food.
Another time occupier was the new doggy door and in this case the "twins" door.
And I just like this picture. Its Will and me. He has started this thing where he "tickles" my face. Works well until the "tickling" gets a little rough.
And in the end, I didn't get any pictures of my sister... of course :)

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