Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't like posting without pictures and there really hasn't been much to take pictures of I guess, but I wanted to post anyway.

Things here in the Pacific Northwest have been very wet of late. Summer hasn't even been peeking its head in our direction yet. I hope it warms a bit since the boys start swimming lessons outside this coming Monday. The nice thing about this particular pool though is that its warm. I'll have lots of pictures to share of swimming though.

So today, I have no pictures of people just nature. This first one is a picture of our hops, yes one of the main ingredients in beer. These hops come up every spring and grow like crazy. They look especially nice now, but they will get much fuller throughout the summer. Kevin used to brew his own beer and he did make some with our very own hops. Right now, all you are seeing are the leaves and of course I will take pictures of the actual hops when they come in. They look like small green pine cones. But besides the brewing aspect of hops, they make a wonderful climbing bush.This next picture is of our one and only clump of calla lilies. I love calla lilies and they come up every single year without any care. Those are the types of plants I like.
This last picture is what you'll get if you don't stake your peonies early and then have rainy, rainy weather. The white ones are transplants from our neighbor and the pink ones are ones that I ordered from somewhere.

I'd have a picture of the boys napping (can't get enough of sleeping baby pictures), but at the moment they are opening their door, crying, shutting their door, then opening their door, crying, and I'm sure you can see/hear the pattern.

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