Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My skateboarder boys

These pictures were taken over the weekend. We were visiting with our neighbor behind us and the boys immediately found their way into her garage of all places :) Well, they managed to find these two little skateboards and Cheryl was nice enough to let the boys have them. Her boys are just graduated and 16 so they were ok with seeing them go.

The one rule is that they HAVE to wear their helmets. They both really like them, but Nate seems especially inclined to playing with them. Will played, but at one point got all worked up because he wanted the one that Nate had. The only difference between the two skateboards is that one has red wheels and the other has white ones. Whatever...

Here are pictures of Nate.

Here is Will
And here is Will and Nate fighting. Unfortunately, this is something that I have seen before; just once or twice :)

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Davis Family Blogs said...

omg where did you find such a small skateboard.
Christopher wants to skate so badly. lol
Great pics.